Mary L. Oakland CA​

I started working with Maria three years ago.  The one thing I noticed with the first session is that afterward, I felt so light and so great. I didn’t realize that I must have been depressed. Like a fish swimming in the water, you don’t realize that you are in water/depressed until you are out.  My consciousness was expanding. I had more energy, and I started having more interest in life.  I was happier. Everything shifted and raised.
Working with Maria, I started walking again.  Living in the desert of Arizona, I used to walk several hours every day and loved it. I then moved to California and lost motivation and interest in walking for almost 25 years. No exercise and no walking, ultimately I developed vertigo, dizziness and had to use a walker for one year.   I was hardly doing any walking and exercise.   I tried every modality to help me get back to walking, but I only could do four blocks at most.  Now, after the session, I was all of a sudden motivated to walk.
I started walking again, and the session wasn’t even about walking. Maria’s gifts are amazing. I’m so glad I found her. After this session with Maria, I decided to walk home from a doctor’s appointment.  It was a beautiful day. I walked for about a mile.
Another time, I had to take a package to the UPS store. I walked downhill, and it wasn’t that bad.  I kept walking. I would spontaneously start walking, and it was about a mile each time.
Maria is an amazing woman with many gifts that come through her. She is easy to work with as well as open, loving, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping her clients.
I could not give up sugar before working with Maria.  I was trying to get off of sugar dependence, but it wasn’t working.  The next day after a session with her, I was not even interested in it.  After working with Maria, the sugar-craving and -eating dropped drastically, by 95%.

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