M. H., Oakland, CA 

I sought out Maria at a point in my life when I felt like I was falling to pieces. A grown man struggling with extreme weight loss, depression, digestive troubles, mood swings, and – most of all – chronic exhaustion, I’d had to move back in with my parents as I no longer had the energy or willpower to take care of my basic needs.  

After just a few sessions at the Shamanic Healing Center, I could feel the whole momentum of my existence beginning to shift. Ultimately, I proved capable of volunteering intensively on several political campaigns and taking long backpacking trips after just a few months. Maria would even comment that my excitement and anticipation were so high every time I walked into her office that she would need to calm me down for a few moments before beginning treatment!

The acute symptoms above drove me to seek help originally, but as my time with Maria lengthened, the healing process spread into areas I had not anticipated. Our treatments led me to finally confront a years-old experience of abuse and forgive the people involved. On the physical plane, I began to feel not only better than I had before my symptoms manifested but better and more energetic than I had in my entire life. Maria guided me through the inevitable stalls and setbacks and always came ready to answer my many, many questions with thoughtful and loving advice.

I could not recommend Maria Pedroza and the Shamanic Healing Center more highly.

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