Methods of Healing and Clearing

Working together, I will use my forty years of experience as a therapist and shamanic healer to find the roots of your emotional or physical imbalance. The Divine Masters guide me in which technique is most appropriate for any given situation, and I will follow their advice about which method is best for you.

Soul Retrieval

Your “soul” is your life force, the energy that keeps you alive and thriving. When we suffer a physical or emotional trauma, part of our soul leaves the body in order for us to survive the experience. In psychology, we call this dissociation, but in psychology, we don’t talk about what happens to the missing part of yourself. In shamanism, we understand that the piece of soul goes to a non-ordinary reality, where it waits until someone intervenes and enters the spirit realms to facilitate its return. If you suffer from depression, chances are that you have lost pieces of your soul. I will perform what is called a Soul Retrieval, blowing into your chest and crown chakra, restoring your life force so that you feel whole and able to find happiness and balance in your life. With a complete, non-fractured soul, you will also feel more alive and able to fully embrace your life purpose.
The first time I experienced a Soul Retrieval, the shaman brought back three pieces of my soul and explained how they had separated at different points in my life. When the session ended and I stood up, I felt like I was ten feet tall and looking down at the shaman! Afterwards, I began to lower the dosage of my antidepressant medication, and eventually stopped needing it altogether. This experience is what brought me to study shamanism.
When we are filled with light and our soul is restored to its original healthy state, the physical body follows.

A Client, G, reported.

My soul retrieval has been a life-changing experience. I became aware that next to my mind and body lives a third dimension within myself. The soul, my essence. What an awakening!

After receiving them back and having them literally blown into me, I felt instantly more gathered and centered. At the same time a lot of feelings and memories, which were connected to the incident of the soul loss, came back as well. I was touched that Maria had made an effort to truly look inside of myself and really see me. I felt understood. It was a completely new feeling. A million stones fell from my heart.

-G, San Francisco, California– 

Divine Intervention

Another technique I may use is called Divine Intervention, a method I was privileged to learn from a renowned healer and founder of the Creation Center. She writes,

From a spiritual point, it is the most sacred prayer imaginable. From an energetic point, it is the manipulation of electrical and magnetic energy within all levels of the body to separate that which is devitalizing and foreign to the body’s natural state.” Brooke Still – The creation Center

Derek O’Neill demonstrates energy manipulation from his hands.

A client, Monica, reported,
“A Divine Intervention session with Maria was an extraordinary, life-changing experience for me. The process was not intellectual or analytical. Maria works in present time. She goes after the flow of the path in the body, guiding it to discharge old blockages, integrating soul/mind/body.

After several sessions my chronic headaches disappeared, I was able to sleep through the night, I regained the energy I had lost many years ago and went back to work full-time. My relationship with my husband that was on the brink of dissolving from several years went back to normal and highly improved.”


Monica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rising Star

I am also a practitioner of Rising Star, a healing system into which I was initiated by Derek O’Neill in Ireland.

As a Rising Star Teacher, I am authorized to initiate others to become Rising Star practitioners.

The Rising Star healing system helps resolve physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues, releasing trauma and illness, and quite simply, can transform your life. It is a powerful energy therapy that increases the vibration of the aura, or human energy field, and brings healing to all seven body systems. There have been cases of spontaneous remission of illnesses. Anger and frustration were transformed into love and acceptance. The path which for years was blocked by difficult situations becomes clear. Clients begin to enjoy their lives and find rewarding relationships.

One client, a 73-year-old Hilda, who received a long distance Rising Star healing, was able to quit her lifelong habit of smoking. We performed the healing on June 17, 2014, and as of February 2015, she still does not crave cigarettes.

Even though I experienced a lot of evidence of your capacity to help other people to transform their lives, I never expected this and would not even have thought of asking for it at any time, because I considered it to be impossible. However, after the first Rising Star session I quit smoking!

What is more important is that it happened suddenly. I do not need to smoke anymore, and I do not experience any physical, psychological or emotional suffering from the withdrawal.

I am incredibly surprised because throughout my 54 years of being a heavy smoker I did a lot of treatments, therapy, medication and support groups without any positive results. I did quit four years ago for nine months, but I went back to smoking again because I constantly experienced the desire to smoke. Now I find myself in this unusual, extraordinary state where I can do without a cigarette without any suffering.

I always asked for some magic that could reinforce my willpower to be able to quit, but what is happening to me now is more than I could have desired or asked for.

Thanks Maria, many thanks for your kindness and your generosity serving those in need.

Hilda, San Luis, Argentina

Shamanic Healing

I am thankful to the indigenous Peoples from North and South America, Ireland, Siberia, India, and other countries for their generosity in sharing these ancient tools which allow us to use the mind-body-soul connection and Divine Light to release emotional blockages and disease and replace them with happiness and well-being.

I look forward to sharing these gifts with you.

Soul retrieval as described by Sandra Ingerman

It is believed that whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. The definition of soul that I am using is soul is our essence, life force, the part of our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving.

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Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions

Shamans all over the world believe that physical illness is often caused by spiritual intrusions, parasitic spirit beings infesting weak spots in the subtle body. The shaman removes these parasites, disposing of them properly so that they cannot infest another person.