SQ Wellness – Derek O’ Neill, Ireland

                                                                                   Rising Star Teacher’s Initiation with Derek O’Neill, Ireland- 2006

Divine Intervention Conference Center – Starr Fuentes, Hot Springs, Arkansas US

With Starr Fuentes and Art Jackson - Arkansas 2007-

The Creation Center – Brook Still, Los Angeles, CA

With Brook Still - Divine Intervention Initiation - Los Angeles CA 2006


Derek O’ Neill
More Truth will set you Free 2006, 2007, 2013, 2014
Building Your Future, 2012
Finding your excellence 2013

Phyllis Krystal
Cutting the Ties that Bind, 2006

Ann Riley
Investigations into Intentions and Inspiration, 2005
Medicine for the Earth, 2003
The Spirit of Nature, 2006

Brook Still
The Rising Star Healing System, 2006
Beyond The Basics and Into Mastery, 2006
Break of God and Soul Pulling, 2006
Entity Extraction and House Clearing, 2006

Michael and Sandra Harner, San Francisco Foundation for Shamanic Studies
The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power and Healing. Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism, 2003
Shamanic Divination, 2004

Starr Fuentes
Spiritual Magic, 2007


Brook Still
Divine Intervention Training, 2006
Advance Vortex Training, 2012
Clearing, 2006

Dr. Richard Bartlett
Matrix Energetics Fundamentals Intensive, 2009

Eduardo Andrés Pérez Yoel, American Association of Reiki Masters
Akashic Records, 2007
Techniques of Harmonization and Clearing of Houses and Business, 2007

Ann Riley
Soul Retrieval Training, 2002
The Spiritual Unfoldment Network
Miraculous Vessels, 2008

Leonore Norrgard, MA
Shamanic Healing 2002-2003

John Hoyle, Hoyle Method of Energy Healing
Voice Activated Integration, 2005

Professional Organizations


Professional Experience

Director of Progress Foundation’s “La Pasada” Crisis Residential Program
San Francisco, California 1991-1999

~ About Progress Foundation ~
Progress Foundation developed the first acute diversion unit, La Posada, in 1978. These programs are designed to divert individuals who would otherwise be involuntarily hospitalized to community-based acute alternatives to avoid unnecessary institutionalization. La Posada is a 10 bed psychiatric crisis residential treatment program. It emphasizes service to the Spanish-speaking community with bilingual Spanish-speaking staff on duty 24 hours a day. It is located in San Francisco’s Mission district.

The primary treatment philosophy of Progress Foundation is described by the Principles of Social Rehabilitation, which emphasizes the role of a home-like treatment environment, the importance of building honorable therapeutic relationships, and the significance of encouraging the active participation of the client in his or her own treatment planning.

Progress Foundation serves clients suffering from physical and mental illness  and substance abuse.

Psychotherapist, family therapist for adults, adolescents, and children
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1983-1988

  • Worked with a diverse population of clients, specializing in family bonding and integration. Client issues included depression, anxiety disorders, OCD and PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, work related stress, career, etc.
  • Helped clients to understand and modify their behaviors, emotions, and beliefs that contributed to their illnesses.
  • Helped clients to understand and identify life problems or events — major illnesses, loss of a job or loved one, or divorce — that contributed to their illness and helped them understand which aspects of those problems they could solve or improve in order to regain a sense of control and pleasure in life.
  • Taught clients coping techniques and problem-solving skills.

Assistant Professor
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983-1985

  • Taught social psychology and administration of psychometric evaluations.