Speaking Engagement Topics

I am available for speaking engagements for your group, workshop, or seminar. Below are a few of the topics that I am available to speak on. Please contact me for more details.


Sample Topics Available For Exploration

Where Thoughts Go The Body Follows

Our health is determined by the energy of our thoughts. This seminar is a guide to help you create harmony between your mind and heart to help you restore your health.


Knowing Your Mission in Life

In this seminar, I show you how investigating your real life purpose can help you change your challenges into gifts.


Your Relationship With The Divine and How to Understand the Message to You

The Divine always gives us what we “need,” not what we want.
We achieve a higher level of awareness and consciousness through our work to understand the message imbibed into our spiritual journey.
When we understand the message, we open our hearts to change the perception of separation from the Divine.
We are ONE with the Divine at all times.

Call or email me to request of a topic of your choice that interests you and your friends or community.


Maria Pedroza