When we seek answers to chronic pain and illness, we use the mind to make scientific discoveries and gather knowledge, yet indigenous people have known the answers to many of our questions for thousands of years. Shamanism itself is estimated to be 40,000 years old. Ancient shamans were able to travel in time and space to dimensions where energy was translated into information. They could merge with plant spirits to find medical remedies, some of which are being confirmed by scientists today.

The medical problems which affect our physical and mental well-being often stem from emotions that arose during traumatic past events. I use shamanic ancient techniques and quantum healing to remove emotional blocks, accessing your history, ancestors, and past lives.

I work with the help of the Divine (God, the Higher Power, the Energy, the Universal Mother, etc.  The name you feel comfortable naming the Unseen energy responsible for the creation of the Universe.) I ask for the intervention of your spiritual helpers, and specially with your spirit to go with me to the higher dimensions. This enables you to resolve long-standing emotional conflicts and find the strength to break away from current unhealthy situations in your life. This process allows you to get access to the resources you naturally have to heal your physical body from recent or chronic illnesses.

The Session

I only give phone sessions.

Phone sessions are more beneficial for several reasons.
First: It is more comfortable for the client to relax on their bed than on my massage table. 
Second: Lying down on their bed facilitates the integrating process of the healing. The client can relax after the session without jumping in a car or public transportation.
Third: When I had an office, I also worked over the phone for many years with people living in other states and other countries, as far away as Australia, with the same positives results.

For the shamanic healing to be beneficial for you, the more you relax the better. When you are relaxed, your spiritual teacher can access the root of the problem that are affecting you and see what events of this life, past lives, or ancestral energy the problem is connected with. As those energies are cleared from your physical and emotional body, you would feel better. I would guide you to relax your mind and your body.

When the session starts I will call your spirit and your spiritual teacher, and they are the ones performing the healing. I am an intermediary between them and you. Shamans are the ones that can see the unseeing in the parallel worlds; that is why we don’t work with the mind but, with the spirit. The spirit could heal the mind and the body.

The sessions could run for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Please, plan to take care of yourself after our meeting, you may feel tired or energized, but in any case, it is better to take time to integrate the healing by having quiet time by yourself.

During the session, I ask that you won’t be interrupted. The best is to be lying in your bed with a headset, so you are hands-free. Have a glass of water near you in case you’ll be asked to drink

I felt safe, accepted and unconditionally loved during the session and ever after, as Maria checked with me the following days to be sure I was integrating the deep changes in a harmonious way.

– Alicia, Barcelona, Spain

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