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Real Knowledge of God
Maria del Carmen Pedroza, December 2014

We think we know God. We think that we are in contact with God because we can speak about God. We have a concept of what we believe is God.

And yes, we do have an intellectual knowledge of God.

The primitive cultures have a direct relationship with God, for them the world including people, plants, planets, animals is a “sacred” world. Because, it is all God, manifesting in different forms of energy.

God is inside of everything and part of everybody and everything. Intellectually we could agree that we are one with everything and not separated from God. Nevertheless, living our life BY closely following that principle and incorporating it on our actions is something else…

Feeling everybody and everything as part of ourselves is the Real knowledge of God.

That is why, when we are in the same frequency with God (meaning, in tune with ourselves, others and everything), we hold the correct thought and we implement the right action.

When we separate from God and feel ourselves as “unique,” “different,” we are judging, and the suffering starts.

Sensing the Universe around us is sensing God inside us. Being aware of the light inside of us radiates it outside – everybody and everything gets illuminated in our life and in the world by God’s light.