About Maria Pedroza

Hello, my name is María Pedroza. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I visited the United States in 1988 and, as the famous song goes, “I fell in love with San Francisco.” Little did I know of the fantastic journey that awaited me.

In my country, my curiosity about the mind led me to study psychology. I graduated with a master’s degree in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Argentina, where I practiced Family Therapy. After living in the Bay Area for ten years, a car accident and a near-death experience changed the course of my life. For the first time, I realized that I had a spirit; I wasn’t just a body and a mind. I woke up to the fact that there was another reality that I could reach, one that used a different part of my brain that I had needed for my studies and psychological evaluations.

After that event, becoming a healer was a natural choice for me. I left the job that I had had for many years as Director of the  “La Posada”, Residential Crisis Treatment Program, part of the mental health non-profit agency Progress Foundation in San Francisco. I also gave up writing my thesis for a PhD. program in Psychology because I lost interest in continuing to study the mind. The discovery of my own spiritual dimension changed my healing practice.

Maria, Director of “La Posada” Crisis Residential Treatment Program in San Francisco

Maria drumming and calling the spiritual Masters

I love helping people feel good

And I’ve always had a curious interest in knowing people’s motivations for their actions. Now when I work with clients, I use the information they share with me to get to the root of the problem. I find possible causes of their discomfort, integrating psychological, physical and spiritual areas.

Self healing

I first experienced an illness when I was 6 months old and I was ill for most of my life. Only in the last ten years have you learned how to overcome these diseases and experience health for the first time. I suffered firsthand suffering, trauma, stress, depression, and frustration with modern medicine. Emotionally blocked energy, relationship difficulties, and many other issues that my clients struggle with. maria pedroza – shamanic journey – shamanic healing

My new path started

I attended a training in shamanic practices with Leonore Norrgard, MA. Certified shamanic counselor, trained by Michael Harner.

I took courses in The Way of the Shaman: The Shamanic Journey, Power and Healing, Shamanic Divination, Shamanism, and the Spirit of Nature with Michael and Sandra Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I learned the classic shamanic healing techniques of soul recovery. Developed by Sandra Ingerman MA, with Ann Riley, Certified Shamanic Counselor, trained by Michael Harner.

I studied the Hoyle Method of Energetic Healing, “Voice Activated Integration” with John Hoyle.

I belong to a 24th generation healer, from an unbroken lineage of Mayan shamans. Brought to the United States from Mexico by Starr Fuentes. I am also a member of https://www.nierika.com.mx/en/325-huichol-community/1581-social-organization-of-the-huichol An organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life, through healing. and creative expression. Based on the indigenous wisdom, teachings and healing methods of the Huichol tradition.

Additionally, I has been initiated as a teacher in the Rising Star healing system by Derek O’Neill in Ireland.
I practice Zen Buddhism and study its philosophy.

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