Hilda, San Luis, Argentina

Even though I experienced much evidence of your capacity to help other people transform their lives, I never expected this. I would not even have thought of asking for it at any time because I considered it to be impossible. However, after the first Rising Star session, I quit smoking!

What is more important is that it happened suddenly. I do not need to smoke anymore, and I do not experience any physical, psychological, or emotional suffering from the withdrawal.

I am shocked because, during my 54 years of being a heavy smoker, I did many treatments, therapy, medication, and support groups without any positive results. I quit four years ago for nine months, but I went back to smoking again because I always experienced the desire to smoke. Now I find myself in this unusual, extraordinary state where I can do without a cigarette without any suffering.

I always asked for some magic to reinforce my willpower to help me quit smoking, but what is happening to me now is more than I could have asked for or dear to dream.

Thanks, Maria; many thanks for your kindness and your generosity in serving those in need. (Testimony from a 73-year-old woman who received a long-distance Rising Star healing on June 17, 2014)

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