Linda T, Oakland, CA

I noticed something different in a friend of mine and complimented her. That is when I found out she was going to Maria. After talking to her about her experience I was excited because it sounded perfect for me, too. Even though I had physical symptoms, I knew I was healthy from all the care I had received from a wonderful holistic health care practitioner but the missing link was emotional support.

My nervous system was challenged causing physical challenges including headaches on a regular basis and the nerve endings in my brain periodically felt like they were raw. Some days, it was hard not to bite my husband’s head off. Everyday life just took so much effort. I did as little as possible. Socializing was sometimes more effort than I had energy to do.

From my first appointment with Maria, I knew she was very gifted and just what I needed. For me, it didn’t happen overnight. There were so many layers of emotions that I had not dealt with and each of them had to be processed and understood. Because of Maria’s own journey and searching, she has a strong foundation in so many areas that is a gift to her clients. Not only is she a spiritual practitioner, but she has a degree in Psychology. This helps sort out issues on an intellectual level.

I am truly grateful for the work we have done together and my new life without headaches and a volatile brain.

I tease Maria that she is the West Coast Amma. I absolutely adore Maria. To me, she is the “Happily Ever After” in life. I am so Grateful to her.

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