Shamanic Healing Center
Meet Maria
A Divine Intervention session with Maria was an extraordinary, life-changing experience for me. ~ Monica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I felt safe, accepted, and unconditionally loved during the session and ever after, as Maria checked with me the following days to be sure I was integrating the deep changes in a harmonious way. ~ Alicia, Barcelona, Spain --
When I met you for our healing appointment, I saw you as a sympathetic and nice person, but who knew what a powerful effect you would have on my life. ~ Bill Pegg, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Transformative Studies (Org. Psych)
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Your Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing You deserve to live a happy, meaningful life and to enjoy the pleasure of intimate,lasting relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and your world.
Working together, we would find and eliminates the roots of your emotional and physical imbalance.

Meet Maria Pedroza

Maria is an Argentinean born healer who belongs to the 24th generation of an unbroken lineage of the Mayan Western School of Curanderism.
She provides quantum energy therapy based on sacred shamanic healing for psychological, physical, and spiritual growth.


Shamanic Healing Transfers Energy From Source Above (Universe) To Source Within The Client. Among other Methods Maria’s Practice Includes:

*-Sacred Ancient Mayan techniques
*-Divine Intervention 
*-Soul Retrieval     
*-Ancestral Healing


with Derek O’Neill -Ireland 2006

…I felt an enormous sense of freedom— a dramatic decrease in anxiety — and many intractable problems in my life started to “mysteriously” resolve… ~ M. B.,  San Francisco
After just a few sessions at the Shamanic Healing Center, I could feel the whole momentum of my existence beginning to
shift.  ~ M. H. Oakland

What to Expect

Your life is meaningful even if you have not yet discovered your life’s purpose or means of fulfillment. Together, we will embark upon the journey towards discovering your core issues. As you find this
awareness and become in sync with your True Self, your life’s pursuits will become clearer to you.

I Can Help You

Heal/Restore your emotional balance
Rejuvenate your physical body
Reduce stress and anxiety
Advanced quantum energy healing techniques More than 20 years of experience as a Family Therapist
BY USING the guidance of your
spirit to heal your traumatic